Ambassador Outing at Chicago's MCA December 27, 2017 09:00

On November 18, a dynamic group of the Few Initiative Ambassadors joined the Museum of Contemporary Art’s Teen Creative Agency (TCA) for a private tour and a day of inspirational discussions. The Ambassadors, Antawun Carter, Ciara Johnson, Serena Taylor, Jaylen Gatgewood and Shakila Ferrell, saw first hand how artists use their talents and creativity to generate art that sparks discussions around civic issues. Led by Grace Needleman of the MCA and joined by Diane Cordon, Dr. Few and Common Ground Art Instructor Dorian Sylvain, the two of students groups connected on current events related to growing up in Chicago, coping with violence and dealing with race relations. It was a heart-warming afternoon of bright, curious and creative teens who came together to inspire, support and encourage one another in a non judgmental environment. 


The Teen Creative Agency (TCA) was founded in September 2011 and is the MCA’s intensive, immersive creative youth development program. TCA is made up of a group of 25 curious, creative, committed young people, age 15 to 19, from all over the Chicago area who meet at the MCA every Saturday for two years. 

The TCA program is led by two artists. TCA members learn about the museum; immerse themselves in contemporary art and ideas at the MCA and elsewhere in Chicago; collaborate with museum staff, other artists, and young people; and hone their collaboration, communication, and leadership skills. With this new knowledge, they curate exciting, unexpected, critical, and creative programs with and for their peers, as well as the general public. TCA’s goal is to build a generation of connected, creative collaborators.