Spotlight on Jaylen Gatewood 2017 Ambassador December 27, 2017 09:44

My name is Jaylen Gatewood and I am a senior at Perspectives-Joslin. Over the past four years, I’ve been working hard to get to this final lap. Mastering this year, I’ve held a GPA above a 3.0 while being an active member in both the Common Ground Foundation & the Few Initiative. In the Common Ground Foundation, I am working on projects revolving around social justice. The project that I came up with was the creation of a mentorship group for very bright kids that fall into negative situations to steer them on a righteous path for them to be successful in life. In the Few Initiative, I recently began a project at the Museum of Contemporary Art. I was able to make a tour of the museum with my thinking guided towards how each piece of art impacted me and my fellow ambassadors. This project is about bringing people together who may have differences, and bridging the gaps so that we can have a safe and peaceful society. Recently, I found out that I have obtained enough credits to graduate one semester early from high school! As of now, I have plans to move to Phoenix, AZ, to pursue a career in business at Phoenix College for the spring semester with hopes of transferring in to Arizona State University for the Fall of 2018!