Spotlight on DeShaun Blake 2015 Ambassador July 25, 2017 13:17

My name is DeShaun C. Blake. I am a Freshman Business Administration major, with a concentration in Accounting at Morehouse College in Atlanta, GA. I joined the Few Initiative Ambassadors in the Spring of 2016, during my senior year at Kenwood Academy. I joined the program through Common Ground Foundation, when Dr. Julius Few came with this amazing idea, to find a way to help us make our generation better. Dr. Few always said to us, “I want this to come from you all, plan it and I will support you”. This program inspired me so much, I have blossomed in this past year and taken on so much more leadership at school and in the community. In the upcoming academic year, I will hold the following positions: Secretary of Institutional advancement of the 86th Student Government Association, Chief of Staff of the Sophomore Class Council, Chairman of First year experience and Intern to the Dean of the College, and Librarian/Leader of new member class for the Morehouse College Glee Club. Finally, as much as I love working with children and securing the future, I was inspired to begin my own program in Atlanta. The Few Initiative instilled in me a passion, to give youth behind me the resources they need to become successful and instill in them the importance of reaching back and paying it forward. I can now say I am the President and Founder of the Dreamers and Builders Youth Ambassadors Program. Our mission is to provide a fun and creative environment for all youth to grow, learn, teach and advocate for their generations, while preparing for their next steps in life. I call this elevation to the next level. I teach my students to not just be F.I.N.E., but to be G.O.O.D. We do not want them to Fail Immediately Never Emerging, we want them to Grab Opportunities Outside Dislike. I will be partnering with an elementary school and a High school in the west end community in Atlanta. This will run as an after-school program until I finish my undergraduate education and my hope is that we emerge into a non-for-profit organization upon graduation. I thank Dr. Few and all a part of the Few Initiative program for giving me hope and a voice, despite all I have been through.