About Us

THE FEW INITIATIVE FOR CHILDREN is a non-profit 501(c)(3) foundation charity founded in 2013 by Dr. Julius Few to help Chicago’s youth through financial assistance for services, programs and opportunities designed to teach communication and leadership skills and support academic efforts for life-long success. The Foundation raises funds through donations and events to provide grants to key at-risk youth programs.

Our mission is to empower disadvantaged yet visionary youth with direct and indirect financial support to overcome obstacles, inspire meaningful goals, and become leaders in their communities. 

Partner Organizations

The Few Initiative For Children partners with organizations such as Youth Guidance and Common Ground to further enhance programs for Chicago's at-risk youth. 



Get Involved

Help us give less advantaged, at-risk youth access to the programs and tools they need to become thriving, successful members of our community. Donate today! 
Dr. Few and The Few Institute also regularly host events to provide an opportunity for you to contribute to enriching the lives of Chicago’s youth.


Meet our board of directors here.

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