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Meet the 2015 Few Initiative Scholarship Recipients


We are honored to have awarded four outstanding individuals with $2500 towards their college tuition at our 2015 fundraiser held at Perillo Maserati. The four recipients are:

DeShaun B. - Attends Kenwood Academy and wants to be an investment banker
Antawun C. - Attends Kenwood Academy, Active with Soccer and loves being part of a group called, FOCUS
Queensha M. - Attends Noble Street College Prep and is involved in ROTC. She wants to study Criminal Justice
Serena T.- Attends Northside Prep, avid reader, passionate actress, speech club leader 

Mary L. Datcher from Chicago Defender also attended the event and interviewed Dr. Few and the recipients about the scholarship program:


Over the years, Dr. Few would come up with creative ideas on how to improve young people’s lives, so he was first encouraged to start the Few Initiative by his esthetician and now board member, Diane Cordon.

When I was young, unfortunately I had a number of teachers who were not supportive. They had said, ‘You know you may not amount to very much but don’t feel bad about it.’ I started to believe them.”he said. “I was blessed to have a mother and father who said, ‘You can go on to be the president, lawyer or a doctor. All you have to do is apply yourself. We’re here to support you.’ That made the difference for me.”

Queensha McKinney, one of the four scholarship recipients was grateful for the opportunity through Common Ground Foundation. She was encouraged by her school principal to apply for entry into CGF and was shocked that she was accepted. She has been in the organization since 8th grade and will be entering her senior year in high school in the fall.

It’s amazing because Im stuck between Yale and Georgetown and I know that I’m going to need the tuition so this money will help me a lot.” she said.

DeShaun Blake, a senior at Kenwood Academy High School was grateful for the opportunity to receive the scholarship from the Few Initiative and is focused on applying at Morehouse College to major in finance. Without being a part of Common Ground Foundation, he would not have an opportunity to apply for the Few Initiative scholarship program.

He explains, “I heard about it through Common Ground Foundation. Dr. Mahalia Hines told us about it and then we interviewed with Dr. Few later on. She really drives us to be passionate about whatever we want to do and push us to achieve great things.”

Dr. Few and Dr. Mahilia Hines share the same philosophy of assisting and mentoring students to pursue a college education with the necessary tools needed to achieve this goal.

If a young bright person doesn’t get the kind of re-enforcement that I got as a kid, they may or may not be able to be successful. It’s not their fault. I don’t believe there is a single kid that is born bad. I think that there are kids that gravitate where they feel they belong. If we can help through the Few initiative for Children develop a way that good kids that have a vision can help other good kids that want to do better for themselves, then we’ve done something incredible.” said Dr. Few.

Dr. Hines added:

Just Because

         Just because I don't sing

         Doesn't mean I ain't a singer.

         Just because I don't shine

         Doesn't mean I ain't a star.

         Just because you don't see me

         Doesn't mean I ain't there.

          I am here

          Growing quietly

          Growing strong

          Day by day

          Striving on

          Past my youth

          Past my play

          Looking on

          Looking ahead

          Waiting my turn.

                         - JA J. Jahannes

When I read this poem, I thought of our students and all of the students who are just waiting their turn.  Waiting for someone to believe, encourage and support them.  And this is what The Few Initiative and Common Ground Foundation are doing.  Without this kind of support many of our students would still be waiting.