About The Few Initiative for Children

The Few Initiative for Children is a 501(c)(3) organization founded by Dr. Julius Few in 2013. The Few Initiative seeks to empower Chicago’s youth through after-school and summer programs, events, and opportunities designed to instill communication and leadership skills, as well as support academic efforts for lifelong success. A strong proponent of giving back with an emphasis on community spirit, Dr. Julius Few was inspired to create The Few Initiative as a way to offer Greater Chicago opportunities to join in collectively to support the city’s youth. The Few Initiative’s chosen community Ambassadors are given the chance to lead their peers, set positive examples, and mentor those in their own neighborhoods as part of life-changing early intervention.

Through the generosity of our donors and our youth’s desire to better their futures, The Few Initiative is helping them succeed today, tomorrow, and always. Dr. Few and The Few Initiative raise funds through direct donations and fundraising events, which are used to provide programming and grants to high school students seeking a college degree. Visit the “Donate Now” tab to learn more about why your donation matters.


The Few Initiative for Children creates an opportunity for everyone to give back to the greater Chicago community by investing in tomorrow’s leaders.


To support and inspire disadvantaged youth in the greater Chicago area to overcome obstacles and succeed in life.