Ambassador Program

Every calendar year, the Few Initiative for Children selects Chicago area sophomore, junior, and senior students to become our Ambassadors. Each Ambassador will earn the opportunity to better themselves and their neighborhoods through funding and mentorship from The Few Initiative.

The program works with each Ambassador throughout the year to develop meaningful experiences through workshops, mentorship, and community development. If eligibility criteria is met, Ambassadors receive college scholarships of at least $2500.

Become an Ambassador

2020-2021 Ambassador Class


2018-2019 Ambassador Class

Angel Grant
Destini Simon
Destiny Phillips
Misgana Asfaw
Montana Billings
Taylor Haliburton

Saige Porter, Samuel Rayas, Soundjata Sharod

2017-2018 Ambassador Class

Queensha Mckinney - Notre Dame

Queensha is a sophomore at the University of Notre Dame. She has been a member of a musical theater company for over a year and is employed at Washington Hall, the on-campus theater. Queensha is also a Teaching Assistant for a philosophy course.

She hopes to have an internship during spring semester in the sociology department. Queensha will travel to Taizé, France this spring to go on a pilgrimage.

DeJanae Phillips – Holy Trinity High School

DeJanae is a Junior at Holy Trinity High School where she is on Honor Roll. She spends her free participating in her school’s Varsity Debate team, Gospel Choir and attending college fairs. Next semester, DeJanae will take the helm as the Choir’s Co-Director.

DeJanae is also a Holy Trinity High School Ambassador, which empowers her to mentor eighth graders as they prepare for high school.

Laurence Minter – Cornell University

Laurence is a Freshman at Cornell University, where he serves on the Black Students United Service Committee and Political Action Committee and is a Representative for the Minority Business Student Association.

Laurence is currently enrolled in a variety of classes including Race and Ethnicity, Homelessness in American City, Introduction to Sociology, Advanced Volleyball, and Spanish. He is part of the Office of Academic Diversity Initiative (OADI) Research Scholars Program and an applicant for the Presidential Task Force, an advisory task force on tolerance and diversity.

He recently returned from the 2nd Annual Black Ivy Business Conference at the University of Pennsylvania.

Posse scholar

Jaylen Gatewood – Chicago Boyz Acrobatic Team
Shakila Ferrell – University of Illinois

Shakila was a cheerleader (co-captain) who wants to be an OB or a Plastic Surgeon.

Shakila is now attending the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Ciara Johnson – University of Illinois

Serena Taylor – Washington University in St. Louis

Serena is a Sophomore transfer student who is excited about moving to St. Louis and beginning a new adventure. She’s been granted work-study and eagerly awaits her assignment.

DeShaun Blake – Morehouse College

DeShaun is a Sophomore at Morehouse College where he enjoys a robust campus life. He has been on the Dean’s List for the past three semesters and is the Chief of Staff for the Sophomore Class Council. DeShaun is the Secretary of Institutional Advancement for the Student Government Association and serves as Librarian for the Morehouse College Glee Club.

DeShaun also works as Student Intern to the Dean of the College and was recently appointed as Representative on Student Advisory Council for President and Dean of the College.

Antawun Carter – Harold Washington College

…the program has a great mission… The experiences with Dr. Few were wonderful. The program taught me that [when] expressing your voice [it] is essential to begin at a young age. Having older people in your corner helps to bring your ideas to reality. I hope the [2016] ambassadors will have opportunities to continue [Chicago’s] relationship with The Few Institute.

- Serena Taylor
2015 Youth Ambassador

… I was a part of the launching of the [Few Initiative Ambassador] program. I hope that people will continue to invest in Dr. Few’s vision. This program will give students hope and a drive to believe that change is possible if we can just reach enough kids year by year to change the atmosphere. I will always be a Few ambassador and will forever help in anyway possible.

- DeShaun Blake
2015 Youth Ambassador
Morehouse College

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