The Few Initiative for Children will select multiple youth ambassadors consisting of Chicago area students under the age of 17. Each ambassador will earn the opportunity to better themselves and their neighborhoods through funding by and mentorship from The Few Initiative. 

The program works with each ambassador to develop meaningful experiences with their passion of choice – for example art, theater/drama, debate. The ambassador then takes that knowledge back to his/her peers, fostering 360 degrees of learning.

“…the program has a great mission… The experiences with Dr. Few were wonderful. The program taught me that [when] expressing your voice [it] is essential to begin at a young age. Having older people in your corner helps to bring your ideas to reality. I hope the [2016] ambassadors will have opportunities to continue [Chicago’s] relationship with The Few Institute.”

Serena Taylor

2015 Youth Ambassador


“… I was a part of the launching of the [Few Initiative Ambassador] program. I hope that people will continue to invest in Dr. Few’s vision. This program will give students hope and a drive to believe that change is possible if we can just reach enough kids year by year to change the atmosphere. I will always be a Few ambassador and will forever help in anyway possible.”

DeShaun Blake

2015 Youth Ambassador

Morehouse College